Green Mountain Spinnery Shawl Errata

green mountain spinnery shawl

The Short Row Center even-numbered wrong side rows should read

Row 12 (WS): P13.
Row 14 (WS): Slip 1 purlwise,
Row 16 (WS): Slip 1 purlwise,
Row 18 (WS): P13.
Row 20 (WS): Slip 1 purlwise,

Everything else is correct as written.

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The Diamond Shoal Shawl by Fickleknitter

The Diamond Shoal shawl was inspired by

The Cape Hatteras lighthouse near Buxton, North Carolina
The OBX Lighthouse

diamond shoal with text
Can you see it?

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New Kits in Shop.Fickleknitter!

It’s finally time for a New Fickleknitter KAL!
diamond shoal
Presenting the brand new Diamond Shoal KAL kits! These are available exclusively through and are knit up in beautiful Baah yarn.

diamond shoal kit
It’s time to treat yourself! Each kit comes with three skeins of Baah yarn (that’s 1200 yards), two gorgeous venetian glass sterling silver stitch markers from Knitifacts, and the Diamond Shoal knitting pattern. The first round of kits will ship August 15th. We have limited availability so reserve your kit today.

diamond shoal closeup w flower
Please join us on ravelry for the KAL which runs from September 5th-September 26th.

By popular demand the June KAL kits from 2013 have been reissued. There is limited availability so snap yours up today!

June Kit Reissue
The kits come with your choice of yarn color and fabric. Only a few in stock!

This version of the kit is available in Golden Delicious green, Prussian Blue, Holly & Ivy, Brown Sugar, or Beaujolais yarn with a Matryoshka doll or Sushi fabric box bag and two beautiful sterling silver markers by Knitifacts.

Ohm Kits
Ohm Kits

There are only a few Ohm Kits left in stock! These beautiful colors were hand picked especially for us by the dyer at Zen Yarn Garden.

“The premise of Michelle Miller’s Fickle Knitter Design Volume 1: Leaves is one most of us will appreciate–patterns that use 395 or fewer yards of yarn. We’ve seen a lot of people try this approach, small-scale and mainstream publishers alike, but the results don’t always scale aesthetically to match the amount of yarn the projects use. All eight of Michelle Miller’s designs in this book do, and beautifully.”
–Clara Parkes, “the Booklet” Summer 2012 Interweave Knits

“Here you’ll find great ideas from Michelle Miller of Fickle Knitter Designs! Every project in her book Leaves, is made with less than 395 yards of yarn, perfect for using up single skeins. With four smaller projects geared to newer knitters, and four shawls for the intermediate knitter, this book is a great addition to any collection”
–July 2012 Creative Knitting

What other knitters have to say about Fickle Knitter Design Patterns:

Michelle, just wanted to tell you that the shawl designs are drop-dead gorgeous, especially the borders. I am on my third now. Your patterns are crystal-clear and make perfect sense to me (unlike others where I have to wrap my head around the construction details first). I have more of your designs in my queue and project sections, including one which is hibernating while I finish the current one! Months of enjoyments – thanks! — Mary

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Shelridge Striped Shawl Errata

The knit on border should be attached with an ssk instead of a k2tog. The chart key and instructions under Chart C have been changed to reflect this. The written instructions are correct as is.

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Water Dragon Shawl Errata

The second bolded instruction set in Row 32 should say [k4, p9, k5] instead of [k4, p11, k5].

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Spring in Central Park Errata

Under Short Row Instructions it should say begin Short Row Center after completing Row 11 of the 22nd repeat instead of Row 11 of the 127th repeat.

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Orange Marmalade Errata

Under the cast on instructions it should say knit wrap until 56 inches instead of 65 inches.

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Three Years

My Sister, my best friend, my maternal figure and the template I use for my own mothering, it’s been three years since pneumonia took you on that snowy day.

I choose not to live in sadness but that ache will never truly leave. One of your friends told us at your funeral of a buddhist philosophy that death is like moving from one room to the next and there was beauty in that pain. I hope you are nearby witnessing what D and I are doing and how we remember you. I see you in his eyes, in his stubbornness, in his strength.

Some days are harder than others. But he has developed resiliency. Toughness. Fortitude.

He’s almost as big as I am now. He carries the book you gave him everywhere. He sleeps with it. I’ve duct taped it together countless times. Sort of like how I duct tape my heart each time the reality that you’re gone hits me in a wave of shock and grief.

But we have made so much progress. Dmitri has moved to California, a disability friendly state. He goes to a wonderful school. His teachers and all the staff love him. He is a social butterfly. And a prankster. He gets a gleam in his eye and knows how to work a room. His comedic timing is impeccable.

He listens to Lady Gaga, music from Glee, Kesha, Kanye West and Danny Schmidt. He charms strangers and friends alike with his love of music. He helps me by putting food in our grocery cart and never strays too far. We are still working on not dropping the bananas into the cart like an anvil, and we will get there.

And most amazingly, Dmitri is communicating now. With the amazing encouragement of his school and work at home he is utilizing the iPad to express his wants and needs. My greatest desire as his parent is to aid him in realizing and embracing his own power that he has over the world around him. He has realized, finally, that his preferences are something that he should share. And he does share. And it’s not always easy when what he shares is the answer no. But we work through it.

I see you in his eyes, his walk, his determination. Even when I have to pull him directly out of the hot tub, with him being nearly my size, I see you. I see you when he smiles at me, grinning from ear to ear. I see you when he helps push the wheelchair bound children on and off the bus. I see you when he hugs his teacher, listens well at school, and when he sets his teeth in refusal to do something he does not want to do. When he babbles Mama I hear him calling for you and calling for me. You never had the opportunity to ask me if I would mother your baby. But I will and I have. We miss you. We love you. We remember you with happy tears. Today we have sad tears, but that is okay. Rest well, Sister, where ever you may be. And we will remember that not all who wander are lost.

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Hope for Christmas

I first learned of Hope University when they received a grant to create a yarn bombing installation at a local mall and was asked to participate. I visited Hope U to check out the program beforehand and what I saw amazed me. Hope U is a non profit Fine Arts program for adults with developmental disabilities. The first time I heard the Hi Hopes Hope University choir the music was so pure and so raw that it touched me deeply in a way I will never forget. These amazing adults create art that moves you and makes you see and appreciate the world in a different way. I wish all education included the arts in the way that Hope University does because the world would be a better place.

I am sharing this black and white silent film, called “Angela’s Dream of the Old West” made at Hope U to give you an idea of just how special this program is. The disclaimer at the start of the film states “Many of the actors are non-verbal or have speech impairments and their only form of social communication is through music and art.” Being a mother of a non-verbal child and having enjoyed and experienced the greatest of joys through his life and reading that disclaimer for me feels like, finally there is a tangible way for others to see the true beauty, joyfulness and innocence of a person with intellectual disability. Folks with developmental or intellectual disabilities are still people and should be treated with great dignity and respect. And this program in particular humanizes and gives a voice to those who don’t have one in the traditional sense. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this amazing non profit program because in the end teaching people the arts benefits all of us. As a simple human being and a mother of a child with developmental disabilities I would like to see this incredible program continue.

Here are a few ways you can help Hope U this Christmas:

Ways to Support Hope U

Hope U Felted Soap

  • The Hope U Etsy Shop has a few things in stock, keep checking back.
  • If you live local to Hope U, you can make an appointment to shop their full inventory, including framed original artworks but do so before December 20th when they break for the holiday.

Thank you and may you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Dmitri Speaks

When I was in the process of becoming Dmitri’s mother one professional told us he was so low functioning that we might as well institutionalize him. On that day I said HELL NO and I chose hope. Hope that he would integrate with my family and that we would push him to his capabilities.

Today for the first time in all his life, I watched him use the iPad to communicate. There is hope. There is always hope. We carry it in our hearts, together.

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