Two Year Anniversary

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Two years ago this month I raised my right hand and went from “Mother of One” to “Mother of Two.” I was so overcome with emotion I could only nod my head and barely squeak out the words.

Oh hai everybody I'm smiling because my ear is all better and I don't need surgery! To all my girlfriends, #CallMe
At the time I didn’t know much about Down Syndrome and even less about Autism. But I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two since then.

Hey baby, this is the face I reserve for the ladies.
Every time I get too cocky Dmitri starts trying to dial phone numbers on the receptionist’s phone at his Doctor or attempts to rip down Halloween decorations at Maya’s school.

I miss my sister and my brother in law each and every day but every now and again I’ll catch an unexpected glimpse of each of them in their son.

And I go from sadness to anger that they both left us too soon.

But we meet this milestone of two years in our blended family and continue to fight for our son. Two years ago I could barely make the words to say yes, yes I swear to be his and he will be ours.

But I raised my right hand and I did it. And I’m not sorry at all.


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