Interview with Peggy Baddour, Owner of the Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC

This is the fifth installment in my interview series with Yarn Shop owners across the country. My aim is to share what small businesses experience during the current economic climate, the sacrifices made, the joys and the tears that accompany the life of the small business owner. Knitting Shops have their own special niche in the world and remain such a positive force in the life of knitters. I hope that the series of interviews I’ve conducted helps to humanize what Shop Owners go through on a day to day basis and encourages you to keep on shopping with your favorite Knit Shop!

Today Peggy Baddour, Owner of the Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC sits down with us for an interview about her experiences as a yarn shop owner.

Peggy models Flambe
Peggy is a wonderful knitter and shop owner who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at TNNA over the past few years. She is very kind and dedicated person and the world would be a better place if we had more people like Peggy!

Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC

How do you balance owning a yarn shop and family life?

Balancing work and family life is always a challenge for working moms! My son is in college and my daughter is involved with an adult day program. Knowing that she’s busy while I’m at work makes it easier for me. As far as keeping the house, well, I don’t sit down much. Also, my wonderful husband is a huge help!

Salty Sheep Candlelight Shopping Swansboro, NC

How long have you owned and operated The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro?

I opened The Salty Sheep with a friend in early 2008. After two years my friend decided her family needed her so I bought her out and forged on myself. I wasn’t sure how it would work out alone but I’m proud to say the shop has continued to grow and stay very busy.

Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC

What is the best part of running a yarn shop?

Oh gosh, the very best part of owning the shop is the people that walk through the door. It sounds so corny but watching friendships form and being a part of that is so great! Working for myself is pretty awesome, too.

What is the most difficult aspect of owning a yarn shop?

It can be really difficult organizing my time and making sure I don’t spread myself too thin. There is never enough time in the day!

How has knitting changed your life?

When I was a little girl my grandmother taught me how to knit. I ended up with her needles and some of her wool after she passed away. Several years ago I decided to see if I remembered anything that she taught me. It came right back! I had no idea at the time what a stress reliever it was. We all have difficult things we must deal with in life and I’ve had mine. Knitting helped me like nothing else could.

Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC
The Salty Sheep’s Shop Sample of Flambe knit with Blue Sky Alpaca’s Metalico

I have to add that being surrounded by gorgeous yarn, beautiful patterns, and friends is not a bad way to spend my day!

Thanks Peggy for sharing a glimpse into your life of what it’s like as a yarn shop owner in the current economic environment!

And to my readers, next time you’re in the Swansboro area please stop by the Salty Sheep and let them know that Fickle Knitter sent ya!


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    Thanks for this interview! I will have to look up Peggy’s shop if I’m ever in the area. She sounds like a lovely person.

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