Sponsoring the Knitcircus Newsletter & A Contest

In an effort to put my money where my mouth is in regard to supporting women owned knitting businesses, Fickle Knitter Design has become a sponsor of the Knitcircus Newsletter. The Knitcircus Newsletter is chock full of knitting content, with Jaala Spiro as the Systems Engineer in Chief (I made that title up just now but I feel like it addresses all that needs to be done to bring you the newsletter each week) and also Owner and Operator of the publication. Recently Knitcircus changed focus from an online magazine to a Newsletter and Book Publishing format. Jaala has found her voice as a pattern writer and delivers quality content that you can trust each week. I’m proud to act as a sponsor for Jaala’s efforts and you can view the first edition that includes a Fickle Knitter Design ad here.

The Knitcircus Newsletter addresses weekly topics such as:

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Marinette Cowl
Marinette Cowl by Jaala Spiro

Jaala generously agreed to sit down for an interview this week and I hope you enjoy the results below. See the bottom of this post for information on how to win a copy of Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls!

How long have you been owner and operator of Knitcircus?

Knitcircus began when a friend and I decided to let go of the literary
magazine we’d been publishing, and turn to something a little more fun, and
less intense. It’s been five years (?!) since the first issue, which was
printed on paper and hand-bound with yarn. It’s just kept growing since
then; we went online with Issue #9 and grew to 26 patterns and 4 articles by
Issue #16, with more than 200 thousand viewers.

How has your vision for your company changed since its inception?

At first it was just for fun, then it gathered speed and became a real business, with multiple staff members, professional graphic design, and patterns from all over North America and Europe. Issue #16 marked the last magazine, and we’ve rolled with the economic punches to re-focus as a weekly newsletter, with articles, interviews and techniques that is free each week.

New Knitcircus Pattern by Jaala Spiro

Definitely Hers Hat Pattern is a pattern in the Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls collection

This last change has let me start publishing books of my own designs; Knitting
Recipes: Hats and Cowls
will be out this August!
Designing is a lot of
work, but my satisfaction levels have shot through the roof. I didn’t
realize I’d been holding back all of these pattern ideas while I was editing
the magazine.

Another new project this year has been the Knitcircus Podcast: Amy Detjen,
the amazing knitting teacher and author of Knitting with Two Colors (along
with Meg Swansen) graciously agreed to co-host, so we get together and crack
each other up every two weeks. Well, mostly she cracks me up, because she’s
brilliant and funny and knows everything about knitting.

What’s something unique or fun about your company that people don’t know?

Being self-employed is the best when your kids are in school and you get to
go work at The Sow’s Ear yarn and coffee shop. That’s when it all pays off.

And I’ve got more books up my sleeve. Watch for some Best of Knitcircus collections coming this fall! 

–Jaala Spiro, Owner of Knitcircus

Visit the Knitcircus Blog for a chance to win a copy of Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls by Jaala Spiro, good through Monday, May 21st, 2012.


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  1. dianne says:

    Love this site! the patterns and projects are beautiful!

  2. Sharon Houck says:

    I really like the Golden Leaf Shawl. Thanks for introducing me to KnitCircus.

  3. linda a roller says:

    I like the Marinette cowl

  4. Kellie Redding (zillalatte) says:

    Thank you for this interview with Jaala. I had not seen an issue of Knitcircus and am glad to hear about it and subscribe. It is very informative and totally Cute Knits that I’d wear and have a sweet knitup on a weekend. Spa Knitting 8)

    My choice would be the Michigan Waves Reversible Cabled Hat. It looks great and in many hats each in different colors would be ideal for the holidays too. I’m glad that she is matching the cowl and hats together but would be thrilled to see the set completed with mitts? Maybe next book!

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