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Over the years my passion has become raising awareness and support for women owned businesses, of which there are many in the yarn industry. Local Yarn Shops are often women owned and operated and also serve as resource for knitting help, your favorite skeins of independently and commercially dyed yarn, as well as knitting patterns like those offered by Fickle Knitter Design. Shops like Hank and Purl’s keep me in business and producing more knitting patterns so please join me in supporting Deb and please, by all means if you’re in the Rochester, MN area stop on by! Shopping local helps keep a thriving knitting community and allows you to seek knitting help and buy those emergency skeins of luxury yarn when you need it. I’ll be writing more about local shops as a regular series, and I hope that you can learn something new about what goes on behind the scenes and discover some wonderful shops that you didn’t know about before.

Please drop by Hank & Purl’s next time you find yourself in Rochester, Minnesota. Please tell Deb, Hank and Purl that Fickle Knitter sent you!

Hank & Purl’s Creative Nook and Knittery
Hank & Purl's
Hank & Purl’s
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Owned and Operated by Deb Zipse
1615 North Broadway
Rochester, Minnesota 55901
(507) 226-8045

Welcome to Hank & Purl’s!
The sitting area

Deb, how long have you been in business?
Hank & Purl’s opened its doors November 22, 2011! As a new shop, I am so grateful for the warm reception the shop has received from all my knitting and crocheting customers. Hank & Purl’s continues to grow with each passing week and is looking forward to many, many knitting and crocheting days to come!

What do you love most about being a yarn shop owner?
What do I love most? That’s a really tough question…I love so many things about being a LYS! I love starting each day surrounded by the vibrant yarn colors and textures. I love greeting customers as they come in the door and hearing their knitting stories, seeing their show and tell, and most of all sharing a giggle or two. I actually enjoy all the business pieces as well.

Meet Purl

What is the biggest misconception about owning a yarn shop?
Biggest Misconception: To own a yarn shop you had to have learned to knit as a child. I grew up with a mother that crocheted, aunts and grandmother who knitted and crocheted but it didn’t “take”. I could crochet stitches in a pattern that my mother showed me but I really didn’t know what I was doing nor could I read a pattern. It wasn’t until my daughter learned to knit in college that I pursued being taught by her to knit and shall we say…the rest is history!

The other misconception is that owning a yarn shop is buying yarn, knitting, and visiting with customers…being a business owner is so much more! Those things differentiate the business as a yarn business but as an owner you need to be ready to do all the other aspects of running a business successfully. I know that this is a good fit for me as it doesn’t feel like work but it is energizing for me. I wake up looking forward to each and every “shop day”.

And Meet Hank

How has knitting touched your life?
How has knitting touched my life? I would never have guessed that owning a yarn shop would be such a great fit for me. If I had not learned to knit & crochet, I probably would never have realized the dream I am living.

What makes Hank & Purl’s unique?
Something unique about my business: The most unique thing is probably the name. Knitters get the “hank” and “purl” concept but for non-knitters we have two sheep named Hank & Purl. Purl is actually knitting right off of Hank. I am glad she is a slow knitter as Hank’s boxers are already showing a bit! Hank & Purl also have a Hall of Fame which includes pictures of many famous celebrity sheep (Wool Smith, Marilyn Monwool, Brad Knit & Angelina Woolie, Woolie Nelson, Lady BaBa, etc.) Hank & Purl’s is a yarn shop with a touch of whimsy and loads of laughter. The mission of Hank & Purl’s is “Knitting Friendships, One Stitch at a Time.”

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  1. Brandi says:

    W hat a lovely shop of I ever get out to Rochester, MN I will definitely stop by. I love Hank and Purl:)

  2. Jodi says:

    Hank & Purls is a fantastic shop… So happy to finally have another LYS in Rochester, MN and Deb is a fantastic resource for questions, tips or just a good laugh. The store is warm and friendly, with a comfy nook to sit and knit and watch the world pass by… Definitely worth the visit 🙂

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