Fickle Knitter Photography: Then and Now

I’ve gone back through my archives to bring you astonishingly bad photography of my very first knitting projects–so you can see that it’s possible to go from really bad to not bad at all! 

There are tons of references available online for free where you can learn about Photography. I love Ken Rockwell’s site, and an excellent book is called “Understanding Exposure” by Peterson. I also enjoy Scott Kelby’s digital photography books.

And without further ado let’s look at some spectacularly bad Fickle Knitter Photography circa 2004, followed by what I like to shoot now.

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

Blurry Mitten With Vintage Scissors

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

Obi Shawl
The Obi Shawl, the second Fickle Zen Mystery KAL. Click here to Purchase.

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

Poorly lit Hat (also blurry)

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

Patmore Bag
The brand new Patmore Bag. Click to Order Complete Patmore Kit via Holiday Yarns Here. (Kit comes with thinner organza ribbon, tequila not included).

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

Blurry Baby Booties out of Craft Store Yarn

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

silver spoon
Silver Spoon Shawl. Click here to purchase.

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

More Craft Store Yarn projects. Still didn’t know how to focus.

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

baah scalloped scarf
The Baah Scalloped Scarf (Pattern now available in two sizes) Click here to purchase.

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

I REALLY loved this Lion Brand yarn, so much so that I made a cute purse and promptly photographed what exactly? I don’t see any portion of this photo in focus.

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

Flyleaf shawl
Flyleaf Shawl. Click here to purchase.

Fickle Knitter Photography THEN

Not a bad photo, but my nephew D modeling one of my first Finished Knitted Objects.

Fickle Knitter Photography NOW

D as he is now. I adopted him last year after we lost my Sister and Brother in Law. He’s the youngest 10 year old teenager I know!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little walk down Fickle Memory lane. I’ve learned a lot about light and composition since the early days of my knitting career. You could also say I’ve learned a bit about knitting as well.

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3 Responses to Fickle Knitter Photography: Then and Now

  1. Pat S says:

    What do you mean ‘tequila not included??????’

    Great pictures!

  2. Brandi says:

    You wanna hear crazy? I made a sweater out of that same lion brand yarn, wore it twice and then frogged it.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Thanks for the great resources. Love the Patmore bag. Someday I hope to be half the photographer you are.

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