January 2012 TNNA Recap

This post is going to be a bit of TNNA, a bit of silliness, and a bit of catching up since it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog. I’ll talk about the new knitting products I’m excited about, show off the photos I took at TNNA proper, play a little catch up with the kids and link to a Flambe Shawl KAL that’s going on on Ravelry.

What’s New
TNNA Trends
My favorite new knitting related items from Winter TNNA in 2012
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Elemental Affects Yarn
ChiaoGoo Red Lace Knitting Circular Needles
Be Sweet Yarn
Baah Yarn

Knitted Wit in Orchid
I’m very excited to be working with Lorajean of Knitted Wit and her beautiful Feather Weight yarn in Orchid. Stay tuned for another collaboration announcement with Knitted Wit and Sincere Sheep coming later this week.

The people of TNNA
Sure, I know how to use this thing
TNNA was a whirlwind, from beginning to end. This photo captures pretty much all of my emotions surrounding the show.

Wave or Particle Shawl in Claudia's booth
Claudia’s Booth, with my Wave or Particle shawl nestled among the pretty yarn.

TNNA 2012 in Photos by Fickleknitter
As you can see from the self portraits the weekend got sillier and sillier as the exhibitors got more and more delirious. I tried not to stalk people. Much. For some reason these lovely, hardworking women agreed to participate in my obsessive picture taking. I hope you enjoy the results. Let no one say that the needlework business isn’t fun.

Pictured from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Claudia of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns
Carrie of Irish Girlie Knits

Stacey, Coordinator and Cat Wrangler of Knit Picks IDP
Roxanne, Dyer Extrordinare of Zen Yarn Garden

Lindsey (Stitching is Serious Business) of Poetry in Yarn
Laura of Knitfacts and WTF Stitch Markers

Sabrina of Anzula Luxury Fibers
And my ever patient driving buddy, booth Betty and bathroom break giver, Holly Knitterotica.

The mustache trend is over
But that’s not all! Hilarity ensued. (Roxanne and Suzanne are such good sports! I blame it on the security guy, he’s the one that provided me (us) with the fake roving mustache. And with that we can finally put an end to the mustache trend. I killed it in Phoenix.

Side saddle mustache
But I forgot my spurs. Is that a trend?

The Kids
Maya wearing a Monica
Maya in Monica’s sweater, thanks Monica! She promptly asked me to knit her a pair of matching socks. The kid loves her knitting.

School field trip to the bowling alley
Dmitri had his first class field trip to the bowling alley. I was excited to be a chaperone and discovered something new! D likes to joyride in the wheelchairs that belong to other kids. If you look in the top right of the above photo you’ll see the particular wheelchair in question. I spent the field trip keeping my kid from hot wiring his classmate’s wheel chair for a joyride up and down the lanes.

Flambe KAL
Some fun loving ladies on Ravelry are hosting a Flambe Shawl KAL. Check it out here.


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  1. brandi says:

    I love the pictures especially of the kids. Joyriding in wheelchairs who knew! It’s lovely to see you smiling and hearing it in your writing. Happy Days:)

  2. monica says:

    What’s her shoe size? 🙂

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