Postcards from the Edge (of reason)

Traveling back home for such a long time feels sort of like living at the edge of the Earth.

I moved from Warren County when I was 11. I spent my formative years here on my Uncle’s 100 acre cattle farm. It’s surreal to come back after 23 years of living elsewhere to see a small town so different and yet so much the same. Of course the biggest change is in me. I’ve turned into a Southern California Orange County living City Girl.

The conveniences of the big city do not exist here but the area sure is beautiful.

Skyline Drive. There was a Bear (but not in this photo).
Skyline Drive. We saw a bear cross the road. But not in this photo. Mike nearly ran off the road in his City Boy excitement. Of course neither children laid eyes on the bear.

Wendy's Country Chickens
Maya was fascinated and terrified of Wendy’s Country Chickens. And the Gnats but I have no photos of those. I have raised a city girl.

I am managing work in between all the shuttling to Doctor’s appointments and hospital visits for my Brother in Law.

Local entertainment here consists of the following:

  • Foghat.
  • Demolition Derby.
  • Gallagher.
  • Midget Wrestling.
  • Monster Trucks.
  • Neal McCoy.
  • ATV Races.
  • Truck and Tractor Pull.
  • The Drifters.

When I get bored I go to the “big city” where I went to high school. During the early 1990s there were 22,000 residents. Mindboggling.

Much to everyone’s suprise (including my own) I did not bring home any sheep from the Livestock Exchange.

My nephew D gets along great with Maya. They really seem to get each other. D is starting to trust me and I’m learning that children with Down’s Syndrome are nothing like the stereotype. I knew this for years after talking with my sister bi-weekly for hours at a time but there’s nothing like learning for yourself. He’s a good, sweet, kind boy but lord alive are 9 year old boys naughty! Good thing I have plenty of experience with naughtiness.

My Brother in Law is doing quite well now. He’s eating, resting, and spending time with his son. It’s been a total turn around from when I first arrived. That makes me happier than I can possibly say.

Mornings on the mountain sometime look like this
Foggy morning
And the wind through the trees sounds like the ocean. It’s very peaceful up here and I am able to get some commission work done as well as my book.

And here’s the proof. Won’t be long now.


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4 Responses to Postcards from the Edge (of reason)

  1. Angela says:

    Foghat AND Gallagher? You gotta love the lineups for summer fairs.

    It is gorgeous there, and I am glad to hear that your BiL is doing better. Happy to see you are getting some “you time” too.

  2. NiseyKnits says:

    Ooh, looking forward to your book! And it’s lovely to be with family isn’t it? I hope your brother-in-law keeps getting better!

  3. Oh Michelle, I’m happy to hear that things are going smoothly for now. I’m very impressed that you are continuing to work while you’re there and I’m looking forward to your book!

    Also, I am very jealous of all your entertainment options. You may never come back to CA and I wouldn’t blame you. 😉

  4. kruse says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post up an update about all that you are doing – one thinks of you, you know! (Read in an English accent)
    Anyway it sounds as if things are going okay for you at the moment, which is a relief.
    So, as they say, “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.” 🙂

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