Not all those who wander are lost

I lost my big sister and best friend Miriam quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly last week. I am absolutely shattered to the core. If you have a few moments you may read her obituary here to see what a wonderful human being she was.

I’d like to thank everyone for your good thoughts, prayers and the many messages I’ve received since last week. I’d also like to thank everyone who came to the Memorial service. It was nontraditional and completely unique, just like Miriam.


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15 Responses to Not all those who wander are lost

  1. Jennifer says:

    Michelle, her obituary is so beautiful. I know she will be missed by your family and the many others who loved her dearly.

  2. mindy says:

    That was beautiful. It’ll take time, but trust me, the memories will soon bring more smiles than tears. many hugs.

  3. monica says:

    She sounded like a wonderful person. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  4. Debbie B says:

    Michelle, I am so truly sorry for your loss. I am sure you have heard that many times and are numb right now, but there is nothing to say. I lost my sister, she was 25 in 1991 and still miss her. The pain lessens, but I still miss her. You will be in my thoughts and prayers along with the husband and young son she left behind. I am truly sorry.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Michelle, you are such an inspiration to me. I am lighting candles like mad for you and for your beloved sister. Thank you for telling us about her.

  6. marri says:

    oh michelle, i’m SO sorry. much love from our house to yours…

  7. mindy says:

    Michelle, my brother died of AIDS when he was 34 in 1995. He was 5 years older than me. I know that a day won’t go by where she doesn’t cross your mind many, many times. Even after 15 years there are still moments when it completely blind-sides me. BUT, I do know the smiles will come more often, the memories will become sweeter, and you will feel her presence- I often have dreams- nothing profound, just kind of day to day stuff, where he is here, and I take it as him letting me know things are ok both where he is, and where my sister and I are.

  8. Joan says:

    Michelle, I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounds like the perfect big sister — kind, caring, talented and a role model. The thing that makes love so special is that even death can’t destroy it.

  9. Lisa B. says:

    Her obituary was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lots of love and prayers.

  10. Clumsy Knitter says:


    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Your sister sounds like an amazing woman. You are in my thoughts.


  11. Brandi says:

    Your sister sounds like a wonderful caring person. I know you will miss her dearly. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Hasmif says:

    Lots and lots of love to you and everyone in your family.

  13. Natalie says:

    Holding you & your family close in my thoughts.

  14. kruse says:

    I am very sad to hear that your sister died. My big sister died in 2002. It is a terribly complex grief when you lose a sibling, something that I think only people with brothers or sister can truely understand.
    Anyway, I am thinking of you and sending lots of love and empathy in my thoughts. Love and hugs.

  15. Cathy Bernaciak says:

    Michelle, i am so deeply sorry for your loss and the loss to your family. I hope you stay strong and find solace in the special love you shared as sisters. Much love,

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