Scared of Thunder and Lightening

This was my other favorite

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I discovered this painting in the Molaa in a special dia de los muertos exhibit a couple days after I turned forty and absolutely fell in love with it.

It says
She wasn’t sure what would happen next, she hadn’t shown up to be seen before
all the portals of opportunity appeared
there was a shift, she was out there

And with that, I decided to be seen.


I was awake last night between 2 and 4am. The flash of lightening woke me up, followed by the thunder. The storm helped me remember. When I was young and we were living on the farm and my dad was sick in the hospital we had a very powerful thunder storm, the whole valley was alight with lightening and the sky was the strangest color. Previously I had been terrified of the thunder and lightening storms. But during that three hour storm my mom sat with me and talked to me until I was no longer afraid.

A happy memory.


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