2013 Cogknitive Retreat Rehash in Photos

I had so much fun vending at the Cogknitive Retreat in Tehachapi this weekend! Here are some of my favorite photos from the event.

Road trip! #TehachapiOrBust
Truck loaded up and ready to go!

cogknitive shawls
You know you always forget something, right? In this case I left the stack of newly printed patterns at home. Fortunately I was able to sell digital copies. A big thank you to everyone who bought the pattern written especially for the event.

I drove through LA and Burbank on the way to Tehachapi and saw the most amazing license plate of all time. “Nose Doc.”

58 to Tehachapi
The road to Tehachapi.

Joshua Tree
Joshua Trees, older than Redwoods.

Wind Farm #Tehachapi
Wind Energy

Gemma, Loretta, and Erica are visible on the way to dinner. A different kind of wind energy.

Minnie Purl
Here is the beautiful Minnie Purl manning the booth.

Thanks to everyone who planned the event and all the shoppers who stopped by. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!


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