Designing on a Budget Series: Uploading actions and editing photos quickly

Fickle Knitter Design by Michelle Miller

This is another entry in my Designing on a Budget Series. In this case our budget is time! When you work online as I do, photography is really the best way to communicate your what you’re offering to your customers. And showing the best quality photos possible will go a long way in helping you sell your products.

In this video I show how to upload actions to photoshop and enable button click mode and a quick edit of a photo. Following these simple steps will allow you to edit photos very quickly for publishing.

Action References
My favorite action reference is on the Pioneer Woman’s website here. She has very generously made these wonderful actions available for free. Another resource is Alienskin. While these actions are not free, they are lovely and are an indication of what’s out there for photographers. I also love for the fashion minded knitters and photographers out there as well.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my tutorial, Designing on a Budget Series: Uploading actions and editing photos quickly. Below please enjoy some of my other tutorials that may help you on your knitting design journey.

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