Fickle Knitter Programming Reminder–I’ll be teaching at The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach on May 8th and 9th

The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach
But first The Yarn Club‘s wall of yarn.

The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach
Okay TWO walls of yarn!

Here’s a little update on my upcoming classes at The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach!

We’ll talk about designing lace:
Mira Cole modeling the shawl knit with her yarn
Including what software to use, and my favorite photography tips, and swatching and sketching for publication.

We’ll talk about knitting lace:
And I’ll walk you through the steps you need to knit a triangle! If you can yarn over, knit, purl, k2tog, and ssk then you are ready to knit lace.

and We’ll talk about designing hats:
Slouchee hat
I’m going to put you in the driver’s seat on this one. We’ll work on some exercises to get you ready to launch your own hat designs!

And I can’t wait! I hope that you’ll join me at The Yarn Club on Tuesday and Wednesday to have some fun and learn some new techniques. If you’ve had questions on your mind about the knitting industry or techniques in general this will be a great opportunity to get them answered. Only 6 more days til Virginia Beach! Somebody set aside a can of Old Bay for me, will ya?

The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach
You know I’ll be hugging the yarn when nobody is looking.


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