Woolly Wormhead’s Bambeanies Blog Tour Stop at Fickle Knitter Design

This is the first time I’ve participated in a blog tour so I thought I’d start out with an explanation. What exactly is a blog tour?

A blog tour is a way for knitting authors to get their work into the hands of industry professionals and knitters, and gives the bloggers a chance to knit from and or review their books. It’s a great way for indie artists to get the word out without being backed with the big dollars of major publishing houses. In other words, it’s very punk rock.

I’m pretty picky and so I only review books that are high quality and that I would buy for myself. I met Ruth at TNNA this past June and I was chuffed as chips to share her company and a few cocktails. So without further ado let me continue on with my very first inaugural book tour.

Bambeanies: 20 quick and quirky Hats to knit for the little people in your life is just that. Twenty very well thought out and executed hat patterns created by Ruth aka Woolly Wormhead. As I flipped through the fourth book by Woolly Wormhead I was struck with the thought put into creating the whole collection. I was especially impressed by a very thorough Technique & Tips section that literally covers everything needed to knit the hats. Each pattern has a clear schematic, is broken down into meaningful sections, has terrific photography, and Woolly has had each and every hat test knit and tech edited for every size.

The lasting impression I had after reading through was to wish that every author would take as much care as Ruth has with her fourth book. I started knitting Rocketeer right before the passing of my Brother in Law so I don’t have photos but I can assure you that the instructions were very clear and concise, and the hat knits up very quickly!

And who doesn’t love a knitter whose favorite word is Arses? In other words, if you’re an Auntie with lots of little ones to knit for buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Click here to buy Bambeanies by Woolly Wormhead
The PDF copy of the book is on sale for 10£ (or about $15.50 at current USD prices) and $23 for the print version delivered to your door.

Continue reading for my interview with Ruth of Woolly Wormhead.

Bambeanies Blog Tour
Corby and Trullo

They say that producing a new book is like having a baby. Do you feel like one of the Duggar Family after publishing your 4th book?
Y’know, I had to go Google the Duggar Family! Maybe in terms of how many patterns I’ve published as I always forget their names. But not the books… yet…

Approximately how often did you eat meals prepared by someone else during the final stages of Bambeanies?
All the time! Tom is chief cook around here, which gets to be pretty handy when I’ve got deadlines building up. I’m the chief cleaner and tidy-up-er so the bus did get kinda neglected in the last few months of the book.

How much alcohol did you drink during the creation of your last book?
Plenty. Certainly more than normal! Everyone has their crutch, right? A glass or wine or three was most helpful to help the switching off process.

What are the benefits of self publishing a book versus traditional publishing?
Mostly, control. Self publishing means you get to manage the project from start to finish, decide on the deadlines, the content, the photos, the designs, the layout, the overall feel. Those are the pros as well as the cons – self publishing isn’t for everyone for all of the reasons listed above.

Bambeanies Blog Tour

What makes self publishing right for you?
Being able to work around me and my family. Deadlines from external publishers tend to stress me out beyond belief, and I couldn’t handle the idea of letting someone down because I was ill/my son was ill etc, and so self publishing is the best path. That doesn’t mean that I won’t work with other publishers, I do and I love that I can, but I am selective and won’t take on too much work that way.

Besides, I have had to sit and think long and hard about how to make my business work for me, and I earn much more per design through self publishing. It takes more effort to be respected and have the knitting public trust the standard of your patterns, so self publishing is far from being a quicker and easier option.

What is the most useful tool that no one else knows about in Self Publishing?
Knowing that you’re not only the worst boss you’ve ever had, but also that you’re also the worst employee that you’ve ever had.

That and knowing how to make POD work for you. I have some blog posts planned about this particular subject…

Were you a photographer before you started self publishing and if not what did you do to get to your skill level now?
No, and I still don’t consider myself a photographer now. I put in a lot of practice, which does help, but even then I don’t consider myself the most conscientious student – I keep forgetting basic things like checking the white balance and then have to do them all over again!

What’s your favorite curse word?
Arses. Most effective as it’s something folk really don’t expect to hear.

Bambeanies Blog Tour Pic

Which project from Bambeanies is most special to you?
Rocketeer. I love it’s shape, it’s simplicity, it’s sideways construction. And they are probably my favourite photos in the book – I can’t believe I took those!


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