Fickle Knitter Design Around the Web 7-8-2011

Wild Lettuce
Rufarocrafty's Wild Lettuce

Rufarocrafty's Wild Lettuce

Sanhita’s beautiful photographs of her Wild Lettuce knit from my knitting pattern are among my favorites. She held together two strands of lace weight using acrylic yarn to make this beautiful version of the shawl. I imagine creating such a lovely daughter who not only wears her knitting but poses for photos was a bit more work. Thanks Sanhita! I’m looking forward to what you knit next. Also consider writing us a primer on encouraging our kids to wear our knitting. Does she also knit? If so I believe you should win an award.

Fickle Knitter Design Mentions
I was so happy to meet Nancy Queen at TNNA. She is now carrying print copies of my pattern in her shop, Noble Knits and wrote up a lovely bit about triangle shawls here. Please shop with Nancy and if you’d like to see if there are other retailers located near you check out my handy list here. I am so thankful for the shops that retail my print patterns. They do a great job of spreading the word and helping me stay in business, so please support your local yarn shops!

Chances are you’ve heard of Karrie’s KnitPurlGirl Podcast. Karrie recently published a podcast all about Knitted Triangle Shawl construction and some tips and tricks as well as recipes. If that wasn’t enough she’s compiled a post with a list of helpful resources for when you’re ready to embark on your shawl designing journey. Note though that the information isn’t only good for designers, reading up will give you confidence while knitting patterns by other people as well. Thanks Karrie for including three articles I’ve written on the subject:

So what are you waiting for? Get to designing!

Sneak Peek
Teresa Ruch Tencel
Gnomes Scarf and Wrap

Finer weight Teresa Ruch Tencel
Orange Marmalade Wrap

Here’s a few new designs that are in development. Gnomes Scarf and Wrap and Orange Maramalade Wrap are with my trusty test knitters and tech editor now. Stay tuned!


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  1. Sanhita says:

    Hi Michelle, Thanks a lot! I loved knitting Wild Lettuce. My daughter conveys her thanks to you too. 🙂
    Both my daughters know the basics of knitting as well as crochet, but the love/craze/passion is yet to hit them. I’m sure, it would, some day!! I’d love to see the day!:-)

  2. AlisonH says:

    Beautiful, Michelle! (And can you believe how big Maya has gotten!)

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