Trunk Show and Meet and Greet at Fabulous Yarn during Rhinebeck Weekend

Traveling cross country for my first Trunk Show at Fabulous Yarns in Tivoli involved some suitcase trickery. I decided to take my spinning wheel as well as most of my knitted samples for the Sunday Morning of Rhinebeck Trunk Show. I won’t get into specifics but I will say that packing for the 2.5 day whirlwind trip involved some serious suitcase sitting and a couple packing gnomes thrown in the mix. Ninety-five percent of my luggage was made up of knitting, spinning equipment, fiber, and samples from my pattern line. And that was just on the way there*.

Sandra Singh wearing Asymmetrical Triangle Shawl

Sandra Singh (Yes that Sandra Singh) wearing Asymmetrical Triangle Shawl

Saturday at Rhinebeck was exhilarating, exhausting, overwhelming and gratifying. Carrying all those knitted samples on the flight paid off because my hostess for Friday and Sunday night, Sandra of was kind enough to wear Asymmetrical Triangle Shawl and later the Sookie Set at the Ravelry party.

I Knit Tin Hats by Fickle Knitter

I Knit Tin Hats by Fickle Knitter

FabJudy (I hope she likes that nickname because she is pretty damn fabulous) of wore my new Simple Triangle Shawl. Sadly there are no photos of Judy because after four hours of sleep Friday night plus a full day at the Dutchess Fairgrounds meant my photo taking abilities were nil. You’ll just have to take me on my word that I wore my disco ball tin hat and gave away scores of buttons. In between all that sample wearing and tin hat shenanigans I was able to meet Iris Schreier and her husband Elliot. Iris is the owner of Artyarns and talented author of Reversible Knits. I was green with envy to hear that they own their own mill and positively overwhelmed with covetousness when I discovered that the artyarns blends are created in their mill. I got to see more artyarns than you can shake a stick at in person and the silk is simply luminous. I wanted to take it all home. *See above where I declare the state of my already full luggage so I settled on Silk Rhapsody from Fabulous Yarn.

So after a night of Ravelry cupcakes, good beer, and even better conversation I retired to Judy’s house for a few hours of sleep. The next morning was my first Trunk Show. I was more than a little bleary after imbibing in cross country travel, cupcakes, and (too much) good beer. But the day was awesome. Shortly after we arrived in the shop knitters started banging down the doors. Perhaps this was because of the smorgasbord of croissants, fruit, and coffee but I’d like to think it was the company. Heather Dixon of made the trip from NYC with a few samples, photos of her gorgeous model (see photos on her website) and sparkling wit. We laughed a bit and chatted with the ladies who stopped by the shop.

One of the nice things about traveling to knitting events is being able to talk with knitters one on one and answer questions about my patterns. I talked so much that morning and showed off my lace knitting so frequently that my voice was scratchy by mid day. I loved hearing directly from knitters and it was fun watching them go through my samples and trying on what they liked best. One of the highlights happened during a quiet moment of the morning. I was able to teach an already experienced knitting teacher how to read knitting charts. It was gratifying in a way I can’t fully explain to watch as she suddenly understood the basics of chart reading. And the cherry on top was selling a bunch of patterns to excited and enthusiastic knitters.

After the trunk show I couldn’t leave the Hudson Valley and my fabulous hostess without spreading my latest addiction and so I spent about an hour teaching Judy to spin. She’s a quick study and it didn’t take long before she was on her way to her own spinning obsession.

I’m so glad I made the trip to New York for Rhinebeck and I loved having a trunk show. I hope to repeat the experience again soon. Special thanks to all the amazing knitters who stopped by, to Judy for hosting the Trunk Show and both Judy and Sandra for allowing me to be a guest in your home. Here’s to next year!


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