Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2010 Recap

OFFF 2010
Canby, Oregon made me feel right at home. Growing up 70 miles west of Washington DC in a rural area leads itself to a lot of farming, contra dancing, and general feeling of down to earthiness that I was reminded of during my short stay.
Potty mouth
And also? Little old ladies in Oregon are tough enough to deface notes from management with graffiti.
These are obviously good people. The Poem that caused all the ire states:
I’m not your Mom,
I’m not your maid,
Even though
I’m slightly paid.
And though it may
Not be cool,
Please flush your urine
and your stool.
The graffiti I will leave you to decipher.
5031572201_347fd9a5d1_b(2) 5032193998_4a6a816d2e_b
There was lots of drop spinning and Fickle Knitter waxing philosophical.
And lots of collaboration between Fickle Knitter and Slipped Stitch Studios.
All in all it was a terrifically busy weekend resulting in my first sell out show. Finding a high quality printer at the last minute to replenish patterns was exhilarating, and a problem I hope to experience again in the future. The “I knit tin hats” buttons were a huge hit as was the hat. It kept me warm in the cool Oregonian rain. I missed Mike and Maya like crazy and came home to this lovely surprise:
Drumcarding by maya
My three year old had plenty of (supervised) practice with drum carding. Just look at the sublime layering of alpaca, cashmere, and angelina! She also treadled my spinning wheel with help from Daddy at her request. I can’t think of many rewards better than coming home to my budding fiber artist and her enabling Daddy.
Oregon, I hope to see you again real soon.

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3 Responses to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2010 Recap

  1. It was great to laugh with you again and meet
    Ms. SlippedStitchStudios. See you there next year? Have fun at Rhinebeck.

  2. Kath says:

    Love the lettering on your banner, very clever and unique. Glad you had such a great time and successful show!
    Also like the restroom sign but I think my fave ever was the restroom door signs I saw at a place in the Netherlands, remind me to draw that for you sometime. 😉

  3. cheryl says:

    Hey I’ve got some scoop for you on that restroom sign…. The sign was put there by the employees, the first graffiti “disgusting” I don’t know who did that. BUT the response of thanking for the sign was made by my booth mate….how do I know this…she borrowed my purple pen to write it…lol

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