My New Fickleknitter Ebook: 14 Pattern Lace Knitting Collection by Michelle Miller

Lace Collection by Michelle Miller
I decided it was high time to group together a best of from the most popular lace designs I’ve created over the years. So just in time for the holiday knitting crunch I hope you’ll consider my 14 Pattern Lace Knitting Collection. Because the holidays are about Knitters too!
This amazing 45 page collection contains 14 Lace patterns for Lace knitters! There are five lace triangular shawls, three rectangular wraps, four lace scarves, and two cowls to satisfy every knitting appetite.
Each pattern has written instructions and charts where appropriate. All patterns have been tested, edited, and are presented in a clear manner.
The Lace Knitting Collection now has the following Patterns:
* Flyleaf Triangular Shawl -Charts Included
* Went Berrying Triangle Shawlette -Charts Included
* Jade One Skein Shawl -Charts Included
* Pivot Triangular Shawl -Charts Included
* Triangulum
* Tree and Arbor Wrap -Charts Included
* Wen’s Wedding Shawl -Charts Included
* Diamond Stripe Lace Shawl -Charts Included
* Easy Bamboo Lace One Skein Scarf -Charts Included
* Butterfly One Skein Scarflet -Charts Included
* Fragment One Skein Scarf
* Karma Chameleon One Skein Scarf
* Versacowl -Charts Included
* Briny Sea Cowl -Charts Included
The 14 Pattern Lace Knitting Collection is now available for sale in my pattern shop, etsy, and ravelry.

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4 Responses to My New Fickleknitter Ebook: 14 Pattern Lace Knitting Collection by Michelle Miller

  1. AlisonH says:

    Oh, cool, congratulations!

  2. Carrie K says:

    You have a collection!! Too cool! Gorgeous shawls too.

  3. Lene says:

    that’s awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Lene says:

    I just tried to post a comment, but it disappeared. Possibly because it’s waiting for moderation. But in case I screwed things up, which is entirely possible, as I’m having a week full of Mondays, let me just say it again:
    Congratulations! It looks like a wonderful book.

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