Stitches West Recap in Three Acts

Act I: Road Trip.
365_97 Road Trip
The Road Trip was pretty fab. I discovered Tommy’s Hamburgers and chili dogs with pickles, onions, tomato, mustard, ketchup, yummy liquified fake cheesy-cheese, and chili. It was wondrous. Shortly after that Yarn Shop Jenn and I devised our plan for living in the same space over the next 6 days after buckets of chili. It’s delightfully juvenile and makes me giggle like I’m 12 years old. I hesitate to type out the idea for fear of what google will bring but it’s too good not to be shared. We invented butt kegels. To save the environment. Think about it.
santa ines
Central California has some of the prettiest hills I’ve ever laid eyes on.
And the prettiest trees.
We experienced some hi-jinks while towing the uhaul on the back of Yarn Shop Jenn’s big ass diesel truck.
1. Women can drive big diesel trucks and back up with uhaul trailers just fine.
2. Mansquitos in shady restrooms reduce said women to shrieking and fancy footwork (much to the delight of the townies).
3. Townies also enjoy Thelma and Louise-esque drives off of roadside curbs with big ass diesel trucks and uhaul trailers.
4. That podunk town will never be the same.
Act II: Oh Shit!
pre booth stitches
We had eight SHORT hours to assemble and fill our 10×10 booth, which was reduced to 8×8 after the installation of what I’d like ot call “the cubes straight out of Sartre.” We had so much overstock (10×10 is a lot bigger in our brains, apparently) that over half of the boxes ended up back in the trailer. Lesson learned.
We also learned that if you make a sale, they will come. This photo was snapped during the Sunday drawing, the only down time the entire weekend. We have big plans for next year, two booths, appropriate levels of stock, and no more torture cubes.
Act III: The Yarn.
New Yarn
These yarns represent my next 5 designs. Stay tuned.
Bonus Act: Boobs
Courtesy of Fiber Fiend. The boobs were later covered with the lovely Corsica. I absolutely love a pattern written to fit curvy women. Bravo.
This concludes my Stitches West Recap. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!

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6 Responses to Stitches West Recap in Three Acts

  1. Big Alice says:

    mmmm, Tommy’s. You NEVER BEEN TO TOMMY’S????
    Your booth looks great, even with the No Exit cubes. It sounds like a fabulous trip. I hope you both did well!

  2. Kath says:

    I believe I’m familiar with butt kegels. I’ve also shared an insanely small office space (smaller than your Stitches booth) with someone else in which our survival was dependent on adherence to the “No Pooting” rule.
    When the weather cooperated I really enjoyed that drive up to Stitches, it IS pretty! I really missed going to Stitches this year and hanging out with you and all my knit friends. But next year will be better – for all of us!
    You’ll probably see me before then anyway. On your side of the water. I’m just sayin’. 😉

  3. Husband says:

    Here are some handy dandy web statistics for those looking for information on the ancient practice:
    — ‘butt kegels’ yields 116 hits on Google, for which Fickleknitter lands a respectable ninth.
    — The majority of butt-kegels-relevant hits relate to Matt Leinart. I didn’t bother to find out why.
    — “‘butt kegels’ -Leinart” yields about sixty hits, or just over half the original total (including misspellings of Leinart). For this search, Fickleknitter lands an even more respectable sixth.
    I, for one, do not engage in the practice. After all, I need at least one foolproof means of keeping people out of my office.

  4. stephanie says:

    and all this time I thought you were a vegetarian. hmph. shows what I know.
    glad you had fun and I am very jealous!

  5. mindy says:

    The whole thing sounds like tons of fun!!

  6. Carrie K says:

    Hubba hubba.
    Sounds like much fun was had by you two! /jealous but happy for you!

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