Stick up Cat Manuscript, This week in Pictures.

365_98 Stick Up
Free pattern, What in the hell to do with 170 yards of Hand Spun Yarn (Rav link)
close up
Cat bag. This pattern will be available after testing.
365_99 manuscript receipt
I submitted my thesis to the archives office. Only a few more hoops to jump through and I can call myself a Master.
Maya said the F word yesterday. She heard it from Stanley Tucci in the Julie & Julia movie (It’s about Julia Flippin’ Child, how was I supposed to know??). At least she didn’t hear it from me this time. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t repeat it today at school! Pray for me that I don’t get THE NOTE home from the preschool staff. I’m not sure I could bear the shame. I’m afraid I’d have to wear my handspun scarf as a disguise at pick up and drop off. Which wouldn’t make me weird. At all.

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7 Responses to Stick up Cat Manuscript, This week in Pictures.

  1. mindy says:

    You really do get used to that particular note. Just ask me how I know…

  2. Mildawg says:

    Oh, don’t you love it when kids pick things up…
    Very cute bag!

  3. Kath says:

    Many many many many (you get the idea) years ago my friend’s little daughter walked up to her grandmother and said, “maw maw, wanna smoke a….” Seriously – the child didn’t even get the whole sentence out before the grandmother was up and yelling at her daughter for an explanation.
    So ya know – what’s a little f-bomb? 😉

  4. Donna says:

    I’ll miss the thesis on twitter 😉

  5. AlisonH says:

    It’s in the bag now!

  6. Lene says:

    If you do get The Note, send it to Stanley Tucci.

  7. stephanie says:

    Truck? what Truck? did you see a Truck Maya? Tell me about that TRUCK. That sounds like a really neat Truck.
    Could be worse. my oldest was into making nonsense sounds for a while when he was 3 or 4. I was so horrified by one of them (OMG! where did he learn THAT???) that of course that’s the one that stuck. I finally showed in a “snickers” bar (yes, it sounded like that word which led to great embarrassment when in public) to teach him a real word rather than the gobbledygook that sounded so awful.

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