Fickleknitter Secrets (Finally) Revealed!

I’ve spent the last two months designing and knitting this shawl for Wemmy’s (That’s Wen, of the Emmy Nominated Variety) wedding shawl. Each row was so different I had to knit with the computer physically on my lap and the row highlighted in yellow in excel. I did occasionally take the shawl out of the house to knit while using a magnet board to mark my place but magnet boards for knitting don’t have hulu. And Hulu has become a great friend and confidant. And by “Hulu” I mean every episode of “Cougar Town.” Don’t judge me.
Wemmy's Inspiration
Wemmy’s shawl design was inspired by the photo above. I really love the swirls and was really interested in the use of light and dark spaces in the original photos.
I also finished and submitted the final draft of my Thesis to my committee members. I’ll be defending it and finally getting the weight of the world off my shoulders sometime in the next month. I wish this boring photo could really express the level of crazy that finishing up my masters degree has caused me over the past few years. But sadly it looks just like any old pile of paper. I expected an Angelic Chorus to open up from the heavens during the final moments as I turned the damn thing in. Instead I got buckets of rain and had to fight tooth and nail for campus parking. That must be that irony thing I always hear so much about.
My last blog entry about Lace Shawl Construction was written this past August right before Sock Summit. I submitted it and a pattern for the Winter Issue of Knitty but both were rejected. Although I’m disappointed I didn’t make it into knitty I hope someone finds the information enlightening or at the very least not boring and potentially helpful. I’m considering bundling all 5 shawls together with the article over the next few months
Korean Bell Ocean front
These were the best self portrait pattern photos I’ve taken to date. I took them this summer at the Korean Friendship Bell. There are a few more shots in my ravelry notebook entry for the shawl. It really is a whole new level of whacky to pull out a tripod, a self timer and some knitting in public places, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside in August.
Triangulum is a simple knit, and works really well with a nice handpainted yarn. I knit a second version out of my own handspun using some Phat Fiber samples. I’ll try to get some photos up in between drying my knitty denial tears with marshmallows, bad language and iced tea.
New Hat Design
Isn’t Heidi a beautiful model? In between being Super Mama and my knitting/spinning idol she took the time to take these gorgeous photos for Slouchee (which is currently being test knit and will be ready for purchase soon.)

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9 Responses to Fickleknitter Secrets (Finally) Revealed!

  1. marri says:

    wow! close-ups of the wedding shawl, please – looks amazing!!!

  2. Wemmy says:

    The shawl still makes me a little misty eyed when I touch it. Thank you SO MUCH for a gorgeous, thoughtful, totally necessary for my day accessory. You are the best example of a lovely human being and I am super proud and lucky to count you as my friend.
    Now, hand over the slouchee pattern and no one gets hurt. (Been shooting nights this week outside in the cold and I think this hat will be awesome on me since all other hats make me look like an ass)

  3. Kath says:

    I don’t judge you – I worship you! How could I do otherwise after seeing that amazing shawl???
    I do understand what you mean about expecting an Angelic Chorus. I was just thinking along those lines! I take my last final exam next week and I know it will be just like every other time – they hand me the printout showing I completed the test and I walk out the door. But to me it’s completely different because it is THE. VERY. LAST. TEST. After two years of tests. And by all rights the heavens should open up and an angelic chorus should descend singing hallelujah. Right????

  4. Your new FOs and patterns are fabulous and impressive, but even more exciting is your finished thesis! Congrats!!! 😀

  5. kruse says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That shawl is stunning. And YEAY on finishing the thesis; what are you planning to do with it now? (After defending it I mean) And is your thesis the same as our Phd?

  6. Mildawg says:

    I love the shawl! And Heidi is definitely a great model — I love the hat she’s sporting, too.
    Congrats on your thesis! 🙂

  7. mindy says:

    OH! Oh oh oh oh oh. That shawl!! You are amazing!
    And Thesis- wow, too.
    Want. The. Hat. Pattern.

  8. Hilari says:

    Yahoo on that thesis! I just had two of my MS students defend last week so I know it’s a HUGE deal! Yay to you!!
    And the Wemmy shawl? Un. Be. Lieve. Able!

  9. AlisonH says:

    Sorry about Knitty, but that shawl? WOW!

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