Too Hot to Knit, Almost

I’ll be the first to admit I am resistive to change. I’ve been reading about Addi Lace needles all over bloglandia for months. But I thought, why mess with a good thing? I have a solid relationship with my Addi Turbos, I’ve been using and abusing them since August of 2004. I never found a need for DPNs, I’ve been smitten with the pragmatism of the magic loop method since I began to knit. I can’t quite remember why I purchased the first set of Addi Lace, but I’m struck with the certainty that I’ll be using them for some time to come. The pointy tips are perfection, the light weight brass a delight. The cable and join, heavenly. Me? Infatuated.
This is my second version of the sport weight Icelandic yoke short sleeve sweater. Every time I think I’ve made a resolution about what the sweater will become a thousand new ideas bowl me over. I wish for more hours in the day to explore all my (wild) ideas. But best of all, this sweater will cost approximately $14 in materials when I’m finished. And the Nature Spun line has some lovely tones. I may pursue some fair isle next.
When the temperatures rose last week, I spent my time reading Eunny’s blog. I am humbled, prostrate at the feet of her greatness. She is truly a star. I had the feeling that I had reached the end of knitting, akin to my Physics Professors saying that the new particle physics would close the loop on theory. Curious about the Hadron Particle? Just go see Eunny. All your questions will be answered there.
Since Eunny has knitting covered I decided to take up tu-tu making. I’ll be posting a tu-tutorial pdf soon.
You can make a black tu-tu, or a Mom tu-tu, or a Dog tu-tu with very little effort. I’m wholly qualified to say since I am optimally lazy.
Better living through Nintendo
I’ve finally broken through my weight loss plateau thanks to Wii Fat. Next up on my itinerary is to regain my (poor) grasp of francais. I spent most of my three years in Mrs. Braithwaite’s french class goofing off with Amy. Those dumb boys in our class were hardly going to insult themselves were they? I’d hate to see the burden of judging student fashion fall to the faculty. Anyhoo, I’m relearning french one bon mot at a time thanks to Nintendo’s My French Coach
(Amy also sat by my side in 10th Grade Biology (where I almost electrocuted myself) and we tried to stay awake to Mr. Wilson’s deadpan. I wonder what he’d think of my physics degree today? Praying that I stay far away from particle colliders, no doubt.)

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5 Responses to Too Hot to Knit, Almost

  1. Lori says:

    I was just wondering about those Hadron particles…
    I like the green/olive color for the sweater. Very fallish and flattering.

  2. Amy says:

    Lord, 3 years? Were we really in french class for that long?? I so wish that I had paid attention…ahhh, we were so young. Good times, good times. Man, I need to get a Wii so that I can speak french and exercise 🙂

  3. Andria says:

    Dude, when I come over this weekend we are totally speaking French the whole time!! Quelle femme amusante! (I totally have no idea if that’s correct.)

  4. lyssa says:

    Can you work out and learn French at the same time? That would rock.
    I want to see the tutus on the dog and the child, please.

  5. Carrie K says:

    I’m afraid if I learn how to make tu-tus I’ll insist on wearing them. I’m still (God, I hope I’m still) between the ages when that is actually cute. Too old for the one age, too young for the other.
    Change is evil! Evil! Everyone knows that. They were right about two year olds, weren’t they? I rest my case.

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