-Insert Witty Knitting Pun Here-

The Fickle Family made the drive to Coronado Island on Saturday, to meet up with some San Diego-ish Knitters.
Crissy, Hilari, Wendy, Heidi and Sophie were so gracious I’d like to become an honorary San Diegish knitter. It was refreshing to hang with down to earth, relaxed, normal people. I’m not sure why, but OC seems to be the land of implants and tractor sized SUVs (accessorized with chiclet sized cellphone chattering chowder heads).
San Diego is the polar opposite, the place of good beer, inviting dog beaches, and lovely people. Even the dogs on dog beach have a different attitude. The Huntington Beach uptight pure bred versus the Coronado lovable and friendly mixes.
On Friday I cast on for Kriimu the Estonian Puppet using some stash knit picks pallette.
Knitting the puppet is sort of like knitting a sock, only there will be no second sock syndrome. It’s great practice for carrying yarn in each hand, and so rewarding to see the pattern appearing right before my eyes. The experience also gives me courage to try more stranded projects.
In closing, here’s a photo of the animals at the Fab Fiber Festival two weeks ago in Santa Monica.
They were the highlight of the trip. There was some yarn, lots of roving, many quilts, and a beautiful hat kit by Kathryn Alexander. But at $68 the kit was way out of my price range no matter how clever the colors and enticing the entrelac.

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6 Responses to -Insert Witty Knitting Pun Here-

  1. Heidi says:

    You’re welcome in our knitting gang anytime! Maybe next time we’ll do the Zoo (I’m sure between us, we’d have freebie passes for you guys). It was a pleasure meeting you and Maya and Mike–I hope we get a chance to meet up again soon!

  2. what did maya think of the sand? Looks like a lot of good fun!

  3. stephanie says:

    You could figure those out w/o the pattern.

  4. lyssa says:

    It looks pretty there…I haven’t been down that far yet 🙂

  5. Annie says:

    $68 for a hat? That’s crazy! Oh, I miss my bunnies!!!

  6. monica says:

    Glad you had fun on the beach! And Maya looked like she enjoyed her first beach experience.
    Work was busy this week so I’m woefully behind on blog reading so I’ll be commenting on your posts shortly. 🙂

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